Esun PLA - LW Light Weight 3D Printer Filament 1kg 1.75mm

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ePLA-LW (Lightweight PLA) is a material specially developed by eSUN for the fields of model airplanes, drones, and COSPLAY. Compared with WOOD, ePLA-LW has more stable interlayer bonding, and the foaming rate and strength can be controlled by adjusting the printing temperature. Use active foaming technology to achieve lightweight, low-density PLA parts. The foaming volume ratio is 220%, and when printing the same volume model, 1 roll of ePLA-LW can be used as 2.2 rolls of ordinary PLA. Foaming makes the layered pattern almost invisible, and the surface of the printed item is matte and delicate. At around 210-270°C, this material starts to foam during printing, increasing its volume by nearly 1.2 times, and the printing extrusion rate can be reduced to 45% to print lightweight parts.

Under the same model and at the same speed, the use of lightweight PLA enables the model aircraft to have a lighter wing load and a lower stall speed. For models such as airplanes, under the condition of balanced strength, reducing the weight as much as possible can greatly improve the performance of the airplane.

Product features:

Low density, up to 0.54g/cm3

The foaming volume ratio is 220%, and 1 roll of ePLA-LW is equivalent to 2.2 rolls of ordinary PLA

Free adjustment of strength and foaming ratio

Excellent surface effect, matte and delicate

Good adhesion between layers, resistant to explosion and easy to repair

Easy to paint, strong surface paint adhesion

Excellent printability, large models do not warp, do not block, and do not need a constant temperature chamber

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