Esun TPU 95A Color Changing 3D Printer Filament 1kg 1.75mm

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【Color change】When the temperature reaches 28°C, TPU-95A will change color to yellow.

【Flexible TPU 95A】Hardness Shore 95A. Strong Flexibility. High Resilience. High Transparency. High Mechanical Strength. Wear Resistance. Tear Resistance. Inflection Resistance. Resistant to Oil, Solvent, and Scratches. Weather Resistance. Chemical Resistance.

【Stable Dimensional Tolerance】Minimum tolerance and low warping to ensure consistent feeding and stable prints, good layer bonding, less stringing, no bubbles, easy handling, resulting in an outstanding surface finish and are highly precise.

【Tangle Free & No Plugging】Full 1KG 3D printer filament reel, perfect roundness and very tight diameter tolerance, does not overlap or tangle. Melt well, feed smoothly and constantly without clogging the nozzle or extruder, high successful printing rate.

【Wide Application】Flexible TPU is durable and stretchable thermoplastic polyurethane. Its shape can be changed by external force and bounce back when the force disappears. Widely used in keyrings, insoles, watch bands, mobile phone cases and more!

【Vacuumed Sealed Packaging】Filament Net Weight: 1KG. eSUN filament comes in a sealed vacuum bag with a desiccant bag, easily keep your 3D printer filaments at an optimal storage condition and free from dust or dirt before opening the vacuumed sealed packaging.

eSUN TPU 2022|Color change TPU-95A | FDM 3D printing materials

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